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Becareful using the double button on blackjack


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Becareful if you play the in house blackjack. I have lost twice because of a bug i found and it always seems to happen on the larger bets. and also the ordering on the cards seemed off between my screen shot of the game and the validated bet.

this is the game when the bug happened:


and this is what bet results that comes up:



aside from that the actual bug is i clicked the double button and the buttons went away but it did not give a card and since the buttons were no longer there i could not click again to make anyting happen. here is a linkt to that bet from above. https://bc.game/#/sd/1187FSF9P8HCSZ

Support as we know doesn't seem like they can do anything except read from a script since they replied with advice that clearly showed they didn't even read or look at what i provided for them. So after this being the second time i lost a larger bet because of this bug and them doing nothing. I reproduced the bug while i was recording the screen. you can see it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eLQmYGCEZEe8ikmZAhO3UDwRtcKsZx3i/view?usp=share_link.

I think it is very un professional of them to blow this off, people spend money to play fair games and so for them to not care that their games are broken is retarded. but i reported this the first time it happened and nothing was done to fix it so hopefully this time they will take it seriously.


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Not to mention the mid game shuffling, and since when is it 8 decks or 12 decks or 2 decks

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