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Urgent Issue with Affiliate Commission - Need Assistance ASAP!


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Greetings, fellow forum users.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. Today, I'm writing to relate a frustrating issue I've been having with my affiliate commission and to ask for help in resolving it.

My affiliate commission has been bugged out for quite some time, causing considerable monetary losses. As an affiliate marketer, my business and ability to support myself greatly depend on the commissions I receive from my referrals. However, because of this persistent problem, I'm not getting the commissions I should, and it has a significant influence on my revenue.

I've used every avenue I have to solve this issue. I've communicated with the support service several times, outlining the circumstance and asking for help in fixing the problem. Sadly, I haven't had any luck getting a suitable answer or resolution. I've been left feeling disappointed and helpless by the lack of support.

Additionally, I've made an effort to get in touch with other workers at bc.game in the hopes that they might offer some insight or escalate the situation. But despite contacting a number of people, my efforts were in vain. I feel as though I'm in a never-ending cycle of automated and useless responses.

Technical difficulties and unanticipated problems sometimes happen, but this extended period of non-payment is totally unacceptable. As a loyal and devoted affiliate, I anticipate getting paid the commissions I've legitimately earned. It's demoralizing to witness my labors go unappreciated because of an internal issue beyond my control.

I'm now reaching out to the community in the hopes that someone could have had a comparable problem or have advice on how to approach the appropriate individuals at bcgame. Your advice would be greatly valued if any of you have dealt with comparable issues successfully or have ideas about how to proceed.

I want to conclude by pleading with any company representatives who may be reading this page to act right away to fix this problem. I've been an affiliate for a very long time, and it disappoints me to see my trust being violated. Please give this issue top priority and offer the necessary assistance and resolution to make sure that affiliate partners like myself get the commissions they are due.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my piece, and I look forward to hearing about your ideas and insights.

Best regards, Prior

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I've had issues with referral commissions, seems to be buggy or something.  Says I made hundreds of dollars but only paid out pennies.  Not sure what's up with that but hope it gets resolved soon.  

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