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I need Support for my deposit support stopped answering me 2 days ago



I accidentally overpaid a deposit payment in MXN made through the SPEI deposit method 9 days ago causing it to fail the deposit. First time I contacted support they said it would be 2 days. I waited 3 days after 3 days my deposit status changed from pending to held. I clicked on held and there was a window that requested more documentation. I provided that and was told it would be another 3 days I am now at 9 days of waiting for a 5 minutes support ticket to be resolved. When can I reasonably expect this 5-minute support ticket to be taken care of?  The last time this happened I had some great service they fixed me right away was under 5 minutes. Also, do you guys need more support people? If so I need a job I have 23 years of customer and end-user support 16 of those in a senior role. Anyways let me know because it's been a long time and i could use it right now.

Screenshot 2023-06-04 080116.png

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