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Comment against a mod here in the forum and out of the blue bc account and chat permission gets banned



I was having so much fun at bc playing my favourite games on a daily, sharing my wins in chat and enjoying my conversations with fellow bc players in chat and all went smooth for first couple months until the time I made this mistake of daring to criticise one of the mods for unfairly muting someone for doing nothing wrong or against the rules. I didn’t even personally know that player but I had been following the chat for the past half hour and reading every single message by players. I very clearly remember that player had did nothing against the rules and was only complaining on how crash didn’t seem fair at the same time one of the mods was sharing their crash wins so that player replied to one of their wins saying it’s suspicious how that mod was sharing huge multiplier wins in crash in a row and why do players not get that lucky. After they said this suddenly within five mins that players comments disappeared and the mod didn’t even say anything like they normally tag the person and let them know the reason for mute or ban. So a couple of us noticed that sus behavior and questioned the mod  to which they were forced to respond claiming they had muted that player for tagging tipper or something like that. Everyone there knew it was a lie and unfair mute so I thought i should post a complain in the forum against that mod so it can be investigated. After I did that just within the next half an hour I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw I couldn’t chat or message anyone so confused me asked support what happened to which I was told that I was banned for arguing with the mod creating a scene in chat like wtf. Since then I started hating this platform that once was a favourite 

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