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Locked out of my own account for no reason and now they asking me to email them and wait for weeks just for a withdrawal


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Joined december 2022, did multiple deposits and gambles but never withdrew, yesterday i decided to try withdrawing to see if its works i deposited 650$ and tried to withdraw it, 1hour after magically my account get locked 'user risk' and money locked and they gave me an emaail that i need to contact that never respond asking me for things i can share with the support but no answer, checked disccord and trustpilot found people been stuck in this step for months  and they never got their accocunt opened nor answered yes i think depositing and trying to withdraw raised suspiciousions but as said and will say again i can provide any info that the tx was mine and i'm the owner of the account and i can even kyc! but who you can talk to no one! 

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