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Super low monthly Cashback??


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How with a monthly wager of over 307,000 am I set to recieve only 4.80 monthly bonus which coincidentally was the same amount I just got for the weekly?

In the past month I have lost well over 15K here. Losing 1400 just yesterday. Yet the monthly remains unchanged. 

Another user showed me his monthly is 2K+ also with a 300K+ wager. 

Doesn't make sense why mine is so low. 

Screenshot_20230714_041122_Opera GX.jpg

Also a few days ago with a lower wager my weekly was showing I had 11bcd ready to redeem but then once the time period ended it only gave me 4.80. And last week it showed 27bcd but only gave me 11bcd. 

Screenshot_20230712_185814_Opera GX.jpg

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Update: I did actually get $111 for the monthly. The way it's shown in the app is confusing. The bcd "ready to claim" is what I got last time. What you will get is not shown until it's sent. 

But anyway, I still think $111 is way to low for a 307000+ wager. 

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