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Recharge and Rakeback/Depo bonus/BCD treasure


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When you first activate your recharge you have to wait the time duration you choose until the first redemption is available. So if you're choosing daily, you basically lose a day from the start. 

I think it's more fitting and fair that the first recharge be made available when it is first activated. That way you don't lose a whole day and get to play right away. 

Also the rakeback is not right. You call it 3 different things. Rakeback, deposit bonus, and bcd treasure box. Which is it? It can't be all three. 

Users rely on rakeback because they are down and don't have anything to wager. So how can they unlock it without wager? Impossible! 

It should be separated. Rakeback should be time released Cashback given to the user based on their losses. There should not be any requirements to receive it that is not fair! 

Deposit bonus should remain the same and be locked based on wager.

Bcd treasure....???

I have no clue sounds like you wanted to do something fun with that but it didn't happen. 


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