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With every update, BC Game introduces slight changes to games. Changes that nobody asked for and is usually a downgrade from the previous version.  

But with this random change BC Game made with Coin Flip, makes  the game almost impossible to play and is borderline cheating. It is blatantly obvious these changes were implemented to give the casino even more of an edge than it already did, to profit off its users. 

When you start the game, you can see in picture 2 that the buttons to pick heads or tails is now below the “bet”, while pushing the bet size changer down. 

Then in pic 3, after winning the first series, for some weird ass reason the heads or tails picture is now back up too where the “bet” button was originally at  and it’s previous location is now the “cashout” button. 

This gives the player more of a chance to click on the “cashout” button, which benefits the casino by now only having to payout the game’s smallest multiplier.
The casino also knows player also has a higher chance to press on the “2x”button, which is now on the location the player was just tapping “cashout”.  There has been multiple times my bet amount increased because I was unknowingly hitting the 2x button

If there is an actual valid reason why these changes were made, I would like to know. Because from what I can tell, the only other reason I can think of other than what was explained above, is one of the devs was on a sick one and decided to tweak out on trying to improve Coin Flip’s UI. Stop with these stupid updates and stop trying to fix shit that isn’t broken. 


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