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Forum Daily Challenges #360


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🚨 Read Carefully Before Start To Hunt 🚨

🏁 Forum Daily Challenges #360 Tower legend
🌟Hunt :  Tower Legend
🔹 Win the highest pay out
🔹 Min Payout  : x13
🔸 Min Level 4

Starting : Now
End time : 23.59 UTC Time

⚔️ How to Join?

🔸 Make screenshot + paste your bet link + UID or Profile link
🔹 Any coin, with min bet 0.01 USD is allowed (jb/bb/bcl not allowed)

🏆Reward Prizes🏆

🥇 1st Place.....$7 BCD

🥈 2nd Place.....$5 BCD

🥉 3rd Place.....$4 BCD

🏅 4th Place.....$3 BCD

🏅 5th Place.....$2 BCD

🏵 Winners will be announcing next day after Roll Point!

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Good luck



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List of winner daily Forum challenges #360

1st    Oppo0107  1013x  14.48…….. Win 7bcd
2nd    Ngay0405  1013x  12.5……..Win 5bcd
3rd    KangJamal  1013x  11.34…….. Win 4bcd
4th    vencedores  506x  6.12……..Win 3bcd
5th    Buitenzorgz  506x  5.48……..Win 2bcd

⚠️Please,don't forget UID for your post

How to claim your reward for: Double Flashdrop | Daily Challenges???

These steps help us faster to verify.

⚠️ Step by step how to claim :

🔸 DM/PM Me (forum)
And wait for accepting.( If you accepted and didn't answer for 5 min you will be removed and have to join again)
🔹 Share the screenshot
🔸 Share the win bet link (daily challenges)
🔸 Share UID or Profile link
🔹Wait for a response


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