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Trading Feature is blatant cheating


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The new trading feature is complete bullshit.  If you watch the price action then compare to the actual price action across several exchanges on a 1 second timeframe it's clear that the bc.game is adding "volatility" that frequently diverges from actual exchange valuation.  

I've watched the bc price action along with 4 separate exchanges (binance, coinbase, kraken, phemex) on a 1 second timeframe. While there is SOME divergence between these exchanges, it's in burst, arbitrage quickly closes the gaps AND the divergences are mostly no movement on one for a few seconds, then a move in the primary direction.  This is to be expected as liquidity is different across exchanges.

However, in the bc case, prices on the exchanges can be absolutely tanking or rising in a given direction and bc will diverge quickly in the opposite direction just long enough to wipe out any nearby bets before continuing with a sharp move in the primary direction to "catch up" with actual price.  

Also, the bc price action is perpetually moving when in reality this isn't how price moves on a low timeframe.  Most time price is unable to move in either direction as volume isn't high enough to clear liquidity.  When this happens, price simply stays put until one side or the other can clear the orderbook enough for market orders to mark up or down.  But on bc, price is constantly jumping around for no reason other than to crush bets.

This is very disappointing as I've always respected bc in the realm of mathematical fairness and transparency on their games.  However, this new thing is outright cheating and should be fixed.

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